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Nicolas Heron is a passionate French film composer who lives in New York City.

Beginning at age 7, he studied classical piano and music theory for 10 years. After performing piano throughout high school in a quartet he put together, Nicolas went to Electrical Engineering school. However his classical training and experience was the foundation for a growing interest in composing music for moving images.

His work as a software engineer lead him to ultrasound processing then sound processing and eventually his passion for technology brought him back to his passion for music.
Nicolas studied electronic music production at Point Blank Music School then Orchestration and Composition for Film and TV at Berklee School of Music.
Nicolas now brings his musical and technical talents to the world of Film, TV and Video Games.



Barry Alexander Brown

Director - Jean Koerner's Yoga, Last Looks, Sidewalk

Editor - Somewhere tonight, Detachment, Miracle at St. Anna, Inside Man, She Hate Me, 25th Hour, Summer of Sam,

He Got Game, Crooklyn, Malcom X, BlacKkKlansman

"As the composer of the Jean Koerner's 1 hour video, Nick Heron gave us not only a beautiful, original sound track but one that subtly underscored and gave the right influence to every important moment.  He is an extremely talented musician and gifted composer who I look forward to working with again in the near future." 

Dan Harnden

Director, Writer - Bristel Goodman

"Nicolas is a uniquely original and creative composer who taps into the underlying currents of scenes and transitions with amazing insights. An artist with something to say, he has been a crucial asset to the Bristel Goodman project."

Jacob Whitley

Director - EDGE, Finding Eden, Doppelganger

"Nicolas has a unique ability to be creative and original with his scores by being willing to use unorthodox instruments to bring a beautiful score together.

The score Nicolas composed for EDGE was both unique and beautiful. For example in the opening credits nothing is happening except for an old woman cleaning a house, but the beauty behind the music brings out a sense of meaning and emotion that is not found in the scene alone."

Tyler Dean

Producer - EDGE, Finding Eden

"It was a pleasure to work with Nick and the music he created for EDGE was excellent. It was Nick's music that gave our film that something that many projects fall short of acquiring--perfection."

Jean Koerner

Yoga Teacher

"The music that Nick created for my yoga project far exceeded my expectations and he is a pleasure to work with. I'm truly honored!"


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